Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thinking Ahead... holidays other than Christmas.  So, earlier today I posted a cranky missive titled "New Year's Resolutions", which I took down soon after.  The resolution remains the same, to seek out the people who make me happiest and not worry so much about the rest, but the reasoning behind it doesn't need to be shared.  It will be a great new year.

And, now I'm thinking ahead further, to Valentine's Day and all that involves.  I've already taken the single woman's precaution of making my married friend Cindy agree to go to a movie with me that night, so that's covered; I will not be that single woman on VD Day, alone in my dark house, eating chocolate and tears.  Instead, I will be the kind of single woman out with a friend, as I am most days.  That's not so bad. 

In fact, not bad at all.  Love isn't confined to coming only from boyfriends, or on a certain day of the year.  Love is getting texts from Cat and OJ, worried about how I fared without them this weekend.  Love is Becky and Abbi each letting me come over at any hour. Love is Jeff, forcing me to do absolutely midevil torture with weightlifting equipment, and then making me try on gear today, so he could buy my Christmas gift in the right sizes.  Love is Becky at the movie theatre right now, saving my seat.  So, I better go. 

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