Friday, March 18, 2011

Nuggets of Funny

Okay, only two things to share tonight. 

The first is my favorite quote this week, which could have ended up in a "White Noise" redux blog, but was hands down the best thing heard all week, and so stands alone:  "Stop running!  My pants are falling down!  I repeat, my pants are falling down!   This is not a drill!"

And, the funniest suggestion all week was made by my baby brother Loren tonight, after another riotous night with family.  He is planning to make a facebook page for my childhood imaginary friend.  So, if I am suddenly in an open relationship with a Prince Jellygonda, of King Chapel, Mount Vernon, (occupation: Prince, contact info:  wish into a well and he can hear you), I hope all friends understand, even my grown up man friends.  I am a teensy bit embarrassed at the prospect of sharing my imaginary friend with the world, but am touched that my family remembers my obsession with a longago love I insisted was REAL.  I still remember wishing others could see him the way I could.  And now, on facebook, they will.  : )

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