Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Linz, a Blog for You

The blog for Gonzo was started earlier this week, halted when Sarah needed on the computer for schoolwork, and just finished.  In the meantime, however, Lindsay also asked for a blog of her own and I had to admit, it's about time.  When I wrote the S&*t My Kids Say blog, I ended part one saying only two kids in the world call me Mom.  Linz pointed out that is not true; she calls me Mom, too. 

In January, Linz moved into Cathy's top bunk.  They went shopping for ways to organize and separate their stuff in Cath's room and happily settled into a routine.  They share with Sarah all the things they all want to use, like downstairs tv and computer.  Linz drives the girls to school most days, on her way to her own school.  They experiment with cooking, as Cath and Sarah have done for years.  It's a new experience for Cath, sharing her home full time with a friend, but she's doing really well with it.  And, of all Cathy's friends, Linz has probably joined us at more family events.  She's gone on our family canoe trips, gone to a family wedding reception, gone with us to stay with Uncle Kirk and go shopping in MN.  She went with us to the Oscar shorts last year, and the Oscars party at the Bijou, where she wore a huge black afro wig, and we had to sit in the back so we didn't block anyone's view of the theatre screen. 

Earlier this week, Linz said something I could have included on the S*&t My Kids Say blog, had I written it now instead of a month ago.  After watching Inception with me, she said, "If there was an Oscar category for most confusing screenplay, Inception would be the winner and only nominee."  I laughed over that for a day.  If she didn't live with us, I wouldn't get those awesome moments of pure funny, and I think that's what some parents don't realize about having kids.  It's work, but it's not just work.  It's an opportunity, to be a part of their lives. 

I'm so lucky to have Cathy and Sarah, and for a little while longer, Linz.  And, to all the kids who might trek through our house in a given week:  Matisse, Darrow, the Spencers, Kenny, Taylor, Cece, Kyra, Kiyaya, Lexi, and, of course, Matt, thanks for coming over and being part of our family, before you go back to your own.  My house will feel very quiet and empty when you have all moved onto college and homes of your own.  In the meantime, let me know who else wants a blog. 


  1. You are so right! I kinda miss those days. Nick and Peter and a whole bunch of other kids hung at our place for many years. You are blessed!

  2. What a beautiful essay! The years go by so fast. And you're right. Many of the best moments happen in the day-to-day. Some of my best conversations with the kids happened while we were driving. They also have never let me forget the time I decided to drown my sorrows in a 5-gallon bucket of ice cream, because they were fighting. They both stopped fighting to say, "Mom, stop eating ice cream! You'll get fat!" I said, "I'll stop eating if you stop fighting!"