Thursday, February 24, 2011

White Noise: This Week's Heard and Observed

"So, I'm trying to suggest the most white trash names possible for my friend's baby.  I thought Sherry Shasta.  Or Booyah."  "What about Whiskey Bliss?  Allthatandabagofchips?"

"Homework later!  Ghosthunting now!"

A personalized ringtone goes off, Michael Bolton's "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You?"  The woman answering her cell says, "YEAH?  What do YOU want?"

"I want a pocketful of ramekins.  Let's steal these."

"Do we have time for a ferret run?"  "There's always time for a ferret run."

"MOM!  That mouse isn't moving in its cage.  Smack it around a little."

"So, I have a new game.  I calm myself by lying, like this:   My eyebrows grew like caterpillars and then crawled around my face.  I was hungry so I ate a whale.  It was good." 

"I love the fact that you aren't like normal women.  I just think it's cute that you don't care how you look to other people."

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