Monday, February 28, 2011

My Moment

This was perhaps the worst Oscars in recent years.  The jokes were awful, Anne Hathaway changed her dress during each cutaway, James Franco called the technical awards winners "nerds" and even if that joke was written for him by a fourth grader, he shouldn't have said it.  I saw the fewest nominated films in years, but still, the girls wanted to go to the Bijou in Iowa City and watch the telecast on the big screen, so we went. 

Surrounded by college student film buffs shouting out answers to the Oscar trivia contests which went on during each commercial break, the girls wanted a poster.  Last year, my kids cleaned up, winning free movie tickets and posters.  They correctly guessed many of the categories, having seen the shorts, all the animated, and some of the films nominated for acting.  This year, we were empty handed until...

"Which film won for makeup in 1981?  It won the first Oscar for makeup?  Anyone?  Bueller?"

Crickets chirped.  The college kids were stumped.  My own kids slid down in their chairs as I tentatively called out, "An American Werewolf in London?"  and won a poster for Lindsay.  I wanted to make a speech, about how I owed this poster to my ex-husband, who was the real horror movie buff, and I wanted to thank the Academy, and the student board who runs the Bijou, and wanted to thank my parents, but I looked at my teenagers, embarrassed that their mom had even spoken (my role now is to chauffeur and only to chauffeur) and sat back down.  Still, it feels good to win on Oscar night.  : )


  1. Good for you, Adriana!

    I understand the role of being the transportation and only the transportation! I remember when Peter was in middle school. I held open the door to the Alicia Ashman Library for him. He whispered to me, "Mom, pretend like you don't know me." OK, so Peter was hatched...