Tuesday, May 31, 2011

...And the Business of Books

And doesn't everyone who loves books secretly want to write one of their own?  I have read so many books that I am now the worst kind of critic.  If a book bores me quickly, I will toss it aside.  And I have literally thrown a few, like "The Da Vinci Code."  I hated that book, which puts me into a minority, I know.  After throwing a blah book aside, I've many times had the thought, "I could do better."

So, I tried to.  My first novel, "Lights in a Black Forest," has been read in its entirety or in pieces by many friends.  No one hated it.  Brandon and Kyle made suggestions, Christine corrected my German text, but everyone who read it, thought it was good, and publishable.  Even one literary agent who liked it, but didn't love it with the requisite fervor required of an agent who handles only a few books per year, said she had no suggestions to make.  There was nothing to fix.  The book should be publishable. 

Two years later, however, I cannot find a publisher or agent.  The book industry is changing, publishing houses are closing, agents are struggling to make a living as consumers move away from print copies and toward ebooks.  This had me completely bummed, until three people intervened to make me see that what I perceived as a hurdle was instead an opportunity.  John and Trey both suggested selling my book online as an ebook, Trey even sent me the link on how to do this.  A few weeks ago, Ed told me of the seven largest publishing houses, four were expected to close soon, leaving three.  The head of  Warner Books has moved to Amazon to handle their online book print business. 

And so, ebooks it is.  I spent this morning looking around Amazon at how to self publish, and worked on designing a rudimentary book cover, which I need to show Becky for help and advice.  And now, I am pumped.  I can sell ebooks and also use a Create Space site to make print copies, meaning I can have book signings at area businesses willing to host me.  I can give my book as gifts.  And, the lack of an agent or publisher will mean less help, but also more control over my final product.  My book is my baby.  I hope it does well in the world.  I hope people other than my friends like it. 

We shall see, very soon.

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