Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mom's Day

My first illustrated blog, told with pics and rambly captions, instead of rambly musings. 

My first Mom's Day gifts arrived last Wednesday:  silk flowers, Dove chocolates, body lotion from Linz, picked flowers from Cath, Sarah, and Spencer, and notes from Matt and Trid.  Linz shared a story, about how she texted Sarah asking what smells of lotion I would like.  Sarah responded "dogs and boys".  Linz chose a flower scent instead; Bath & Bodyworks were all out of dog and boy smells.

 On Mother's Day itself, I had breakfast with my fambly.  Mark shared a funny story about how he had the option with Homeland Security to transfer to someplace amazing, like Aruba, but only if he takes whatever they give him at the end of his stay in Aruba.  He might well end up in some warzone bordertown like El Paso, across from Juarez.  He could also transfer to DC, and then end up in Juarez.  Loren says all roads lead to Juarez.  I say all roads lead to my house.

Karl thinks the Detroit Lions are a shoe-in for this year's Super Bowl.  Heh heh heh heh.  Still laughing.  He is such a dreamer. 

Most of the family went up to Mount Vernon's Chalk the Walk, where I took great pictures of my best friend Becky, who is an amazing artist, as well as Cathy's friend Matisse.  Cathy was originally supposed to be chalking the walk with Matisse, but ended up going with her dad this weekend, instead.  This made me very sad, even when I picked the girls up, until...

Cathy and Trid surprised me with a Mother's Day cookie!  The nicest surprise was that, despite going to see her dad this past weekend, Cathy and Trid had been plotting my Mother's Day gift for days.  I even got to pull out old baby photos to show Trid.  That is every mom's dream. 

So, after some bad moments with Cathy, when both our feelings were hurt, mine because I had felt forgotten by my girls, Cathy because she is not the type to forget holidays and thought I should know her by now, the night ended really well, with my mothering instincts guiding me through a bad situation, and Cathy's emerging maturity allowing her to move on and end the day on a good note, camping outside.  Though just barely outside.  And then we got cold and came in.


  1. Sounds like your Mother's Day was much like motherhood itself. Full of surprises!

  2. This is beautiful. I laughed when I read that you like the smell of "dogs and boys." So do I! Although I have to admit that the gym locker smell is not my favorite smell vis-a-vis boys! Cathy and Sarah are such gifts, and I am so impressed that you have collected several kids who think of you as a mom--and they are teenagers no less! Very impressive. Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful mom!