Sunday, May 1, 2011

What Didn't Go Wrong This Week

Many things went wrong this week, so many things it began to feel surreal. 

My beloved, six speed, cherry red riding mower got a flat tire, which wobbled on the rim until I got it back into the garage.  The printer ran out of ink at a critical moment, and when I tried to print out fifty pages of my book for a literary agent interested in seeing more.  I dropped and broke my glasses at Trey's house, and although he offered to fix them, I was too blue to try.  I've rocked the nerd tape before on broken glasses, and I wasn't sure super glue would fix something which slides down my nose a hundred times a day.  I burned my hand pulling cookies out of the oven.  Abbi and I locked ourselves out of her house, and after circling her home, decided I should pull myself up and through her living room window.  We got back inside, but I showed off my least favorite side to Abbi and whomever else was watching, as my bum teetered on the windowsill and my legs dangled.  Becky came over and drove her son's moped, which my dog may or may not have knocked over, and it would not restart for us, so we wheeled it into the garage next to my broken mower.

But...  This was also the week I ran the first race of my life, two years after my first episode of singular sclerosis, which unfortunately multiplied and was aptly renamed last fall.  I ran the Drake Off the Roads 8k (5 miles) in 52 minutes, a respectable time.  I had an agent respond favorably to my query letter, and sent off some pages.  Becky's moped restarted, my mower will be fixed, my hand will heal, and Abbi and I got back into her home, me with the knowledge that I can lift my own weight. 

Everyone has down days, and I had my share this week.  But, the highs were so great, I think these will be what I remember.  And in the lives of others, Sarah will remember this is the week she painted Harold with his purple crayon on our basement wall.  Trey will remember his niece's prom march.  Abbi will remember a doppelganger boy cat coming to stay, until she saw his testicles, which meant he was not her Chloe come back home.  Cathy will remember her stay with the Griefs in their cabin. 

And so it goes.

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  1. Way to go on the run!! And you rock for getting back into the house. The end justifies the means....(pun intended). :)