Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cath' and Sarah's Children's Story (written at ages 8 and 11, when both wanted to be hobos)

Sarah & Gage cure Alzheimer’s.
Cathy forgets.
Hobo remembers.
Sarah & Gage lose twenty pounds.
Cathy finds it.
Hobo steals it.
Sarah & Gage discover fire.
Cathy discovers boot.
Hobo lives in it.
Sarah & Gage discover new plant.
Cathy steps on it.
Hobo eats it.
Sarah & Gage smell roses.
Cathy rolls in it.
Hobo eats it.
Sarah & Gage plant a garden.
Cathy buries bone in it.
Hobo eats bone.
Sarah & Gage swim in Atlantic with dolphins.
Cathy swims with hobos in sewers.
Hobo lives there.
Sarah & Gage climb Mt. Everest.
Cathy climbs aboard the hobo train.
Hobo’s still chewing on bone.
Sarah & Gage cross the Pacific on raft.
Cathy crosses puddle.
Hobo lurks in puddle.
Sarah & Gage become Greek gods.
Cathy becomes lunch.
Hobo becomes full.
Sarah & Gage cure AIDS.
Cathy breaks out of Hobo.
Hobo is mad.
Sarah & Gage write a formal apology to Hobo.
Cathy eats it.
Hobo hires a hit man.
Sarah & Gage win Oscars for directing.
Cathy wins best picture on milk carton.
Hobo drinks milk.
Sarah & Gage hire Bodyguard for Cathy.
Cathy flees country.
Hobo eats Bodyguard.
Bodyguard gets mad.
Sarah & Gage stop global warming.
Cathy is cold.
Hobo is hungry.
Bodyguard makes friends in Hobo.
Sarah & Gage create Sims 4.
Cathy creates a mess.
Hobo gets sick.
Bodyguard is free!
Elvis is free!
Sarah & Gage create world peace.
Cathy starts a fight.
With Hobo.
Bodyguard bombs Hobo.
Elvis runs away to Bermuda Triangle.
Sarah & Gage go to Bermuda Triangle.
Cathy decides not to go.
Hobo doesn’t care.
Bodyguard invades Iran.
Elvis discovers Sarah & Gage!

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