Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sarah and Burglars, Part Two

The conversation between Sarah and myself, an hourish ago.  "Mom, I've been hiding something from you."  "What is it, honey?"  "It's your purse." 

Darn jewel thief, anyway.  So, Mom's revenge is to blog this week about some of Sarah's best moments, in honor of her thirteenth birthday.  Enjoy, Sarahbee!

Her first grade open house was interesting.  All the first graders were asked to fill out a chart, with basic information about their favorite colors, animals, and so on.  Sarah eschewed the more popular pinks and blues in favor of "metallic copper."  Her favorite animal was not a kitty or dog, but the Komodo dragon.  And, in response to the intrusive (I thought) question on their posterboards, "Where do you like to go to be alone?", most children replied, "In my room" or "In my treehouse".  Sarah wrote, "In the dark places of my mind."  The collage each child created of his favorite things usually had pictures of sports, or school, or their own family members.  Sarah's was comprised of lipstick, diamonds, and corn. 

My WTF? moments as a parent are many, that night was one of the most interesting.  I wouldn't trade my girls for lipstick, diamonds, or even corn, nor would I want boring children.  So glad I don't.  Happy Birthday, darling Sarah!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Sarah B. and her mom! Love, Aunt Christine