Sunday, January 16, 2011


Okay, so I've apparantly not been clear or as inclusive as I should be, writing this.  I accidentally offended my friend Jeff C., by writing that he had no idea how much I overthink everything, but I guess it sounded like I said he had no idea about everything and anything, not my intention at all.  My apologies, Jeff C.  It's always good talking to you about life, but I do overthink things sometimes.  Most of the time.

And, to Cath, I'm sorry I neglected to mention your amazingly creative use of the letter G in playing Scattegories for the category of Awards Ceremonies.  However, just like there is no magazine titled "Kitten Hunter's Weekly" for K, no job starting with C like "Constipation Artist" and no W superhero called "Waspguy", there are no Gnoscars.  That said, the Gnoscars are pretty darn funny and I'm sorry I left that out. 

Feel free to contact me regarding other errors, factual or in my understanding of matters.  I will publicly apologize and move on. 

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