Wednesday, January 12, 2011

S*&T My Kids Say, Part Two

And Now: 

Sarah:  "I left you the gift of butter on your chair, Mom.  Can you feel the love?"

Cath:  "An Armadillo says, What?"  Sarah (or Darrow):  "LOVE ME!"

Sarah, showing me old paper dolls played with at my in-laws:  "And here is  Crossing Guard.  The other dolls stole his teeth.  He's bitter."

Cath, cheating at Scattegories:  "What do you mean, Kitten Hunters Weekly isn't a real magazine? Let's google it."

Sarah:  "What do you mean I was supposed to wash the dishes?  Which dishes?  Whose dishes?  THESE dishes?"

Cath, cheating at Uno:  "I can see your cards reflected in the shine off your baby's head.  Just sayin'."

Sarah:  "Yes, that's sharpie marker in my hair.  Why?  Don't you like the color blue?  Cause I know you do!"

Cath, texting:  "WORSHIP ME."

Sarah and Cath's new game, to come up with a little-used phrase on the bus each morning, use it as often as possible in one day, and text each other each time they do so.  Here are some of their phrases:  "There's so much you can do in life without a spleen."  "Why don't all you Indians scoot down one?"  "Ha, ha!  You had to take off your clothes!"

And, whenever I ask, "Do you want to know a secret?", their answer:  "Yes, Mom.  We know.  You love us.  That is SO not a secret!" 

Not with a blog, it's not.  : )


  1. Kitten Hunters Weekly Is TOO real.
    I edit it!

  2. Ed! I demand proof. Cath also cheated with W for superhero, came up with "Waspguy", used google to prove it. She did, some crazy uncle in a bee costume. Sarah also proved Constipation Artist was a job starting with C. : )

  3. I laughed so hard at all of these, especially when I got to "There's so much in life you can do w/o a spleen!" (Go Grandma!) I laughed so loudly when I read "spleen" that I'm worried I woke up my upstairs' neighbors (a family with 4 little boys).

  4. No no no no no! It's Cath actually said, "We love you with or without your splein!!!!"